Commercial Reinstatement

Commercial Reinstatement

commercial reinstatement contractor

Reinstatement services for commercial and retail spaces


Commercial Reinstatement Services

We provide quality and professional reinstatement of commercial, retail, and industrial spaces for projects of all sizes. If your rental lease has expired or are considering moving your business or vacating your rented premise, we will be able to perform reinstatement back to your landlord with our extensive experience.

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Reinstating Commercial Properties

Tenants of commercial spaces who wish to return their premises over to their landlord typically requires work to reinstate the property to the original condition. This is typically necessary as there would have been renovation and alteration works done to the original unit following takeover for business purposes.

Our highly-experienced team of specialists are skilled in work of this nature.


Dismantling and hacking works involve the removal of any partition walls and ceilings, floor finishes, dismantling of any fixtures and installations such as display shelves which are used especially in retail spaces.

Surface Restoration

Following the dismantling of fixtures, we will move on to restore all the surfaces. This includes the restoration of floor finishes to the original condition as well as all wall and ceiling surfaces through painting or plastering processes.


This involves relocating and reinstating the power points to the original layout, as well as general wiring work. Any lighting systems that have been installed for commercial and retail purposes will be removed to its original condition. Air conditioner systems that have been installed in every room will also require removal and relocation of the duct.

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Enquire About Reinstatement Works

We provide free site survey and professional advice on how to go about your reinstatement works. The cost will be determined by the scope of work required on a case-by-case basis. As we are highly-experienced in dealing with various landlords and developers, we guarantee that the handover will be smooth without any hiccups.

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